Apama Mackey Gallery
the frenzy, the one night only, the collector's collector, the artist's artist, the hot summer night, the inevitable rain, the visibility, the sponsors, the rules, the 6pm witching hour, the party in the front AND the party in the back, the meh, the steal, the annual visual stimulus package show!

Allen Landing / Syd Moen 
Daily Powder Fresh / Denise Prince
Over a While / Kyle Olson
Glimpse III / Lisa Qualls
Maximaize Pleasure / Pablo Gimenez Zapiola
Untitled / Josh Pazda
 Untitled/ Thedra Cullar - Ledford
Untitled / Bian Neal Sensebaugh
 Godzilla / Dan Fabian 
Untitled / David Ubias
Stick em Up / David Brown
BAM / Celeste Tammariello
Untitled / Lisa Marie Hunter