Apama Mackey Gallery

Kevin Bradley, Joseph Cuillier, Tom Hück, 

Phillip Kremer, David Krueger,  Armita Pebdani, SABO


Apama Mackey Gallery (gallery a.m.p.s.) presents POLL(ITICS) 2016 / THE DOCUMENTARY;  a look at the response to the 2016 election(s).  This time, it’s different and as stated in the Wall Street Journal, “the presidential campaign is being conducted against an unprecedented backdrop of disdain for the political establishment and the status quo in Washington.”  Politics is not new, elections are not new, what is new is that it is an election of anything goes.  At some point, we are not even dealing with an election anymore, it is a dystopia of school yard bullying and everyone, at every age, is involved. 


POLL(ITICS) 2016 / THE DOCUMENTARY exhibits artists using their voice through photography, video, painting, and print.  The exhibition will also feature a wall of memorabilia, complete with official exhibition documentation.  Memorabilia will include countless opinions on the candidates and issues in today’s climate; spanning from Black Lives Matter to ISIS.  Exhibition dates are June 11 through July 31, 2016.